Sam has led a self-confessed ‘chaotic’ life, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and relationship issues. Sam engaged with local charity DHI (Developing Health and Independence) and their Reach Programme, which supports people to recover from addictions and to learn key life management skills.

Through the support Sam received he was able to overcome his addictions and has been sober for two years. He was also able to start to put his finances in order.

In 2017, Sam separated from his long-term partner and the mother of his children. Sam and his eldest son, who has learning disabilities and attachment disorder, had to leave the family home.

Sam cares for his son full-time, which makes employment impractical, therefore he has no alternative but to rely on state benefits.

Sam did not have the funds to move to a new home and furnish it with the essential items he needed. ‘Reach’ approached St John’s Individual Funding team to apply for financial assistance to support Sam with his move.

In August 2017, St John’s covered the cost of hiring a removal company to transfer Sam and his son’s belongings. St John’s also provided new carpets, a cooker and a fridge for Sam’s new home.

Sam describes the move as seamless. Without the support he received from St John’s and DHI, he does not know what he would have done. Sam feels that all aspects of his and his son’s lives have now improved.

Over the past six months, Sam has been able
to spend more one-to-one time with his son, who is progressing well. Sam’s own recovery has flourished as he has benefitted from a stable home environment, of which he is very proud. Sam is now in a position where he can provide support to people who are going through similar issues to those he has experienced.

He remains close to both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Sam says of his current situation:

Since having my own place, for the first time in my life I feel stable. Being in my home feels like clockwork and relaxed. I love my place it’s brilliant, my paradise.

Through my volunteer work and the progress of my son,my stability is making an impact when I am supporting others. This has directly come from the support of St John’s and DHI to help me move and get me intoa good place with my addiction and finances.

Sam is keen for his progress to continue and hopes that when his son starts secondary school, he can find employment again.