Our Values and Behaviours

Our Values

During 2016, together with our staff, we developed and agreed our four values:

  • Lead
  • Together
  • Equip
  • Encourage

Our values define what’s important to each one of us, as well as guiding us in how we make decisions and prioritise our work. We know that we are better together and can have an even greater impact by collaborating with other organisations who share similar aims and beliefs.

At the heart of our success is living our values each day to truly shape the way we work. Each of our values is underpinned by a number of linked behaviours, which start to define how we live our values, day in and day out.

Our behaviours

Behaviours are the “how” – how we do our jobs and how we bring our values to life.  Our behaviours comprise the personal skills and attributes we bring to our roles, which when combined with professional or technical skills, enable us to be successful in our jobs.

Our values and how we bring them to life through our behaviour embodies what St John’s means to our service users and partner organisations. Our behaviours and how we focus on living them are central to delivering great outcomes.