Our Property

The backbone of everything we deliver

Enabling us to deliver our charitable aims

We are extremely fortunate to have an extensive residential and commercial property portfolio, which has been built up over the centuries.

This portfolio is the backbone of St John’s, generating the vital funds that make all our other work, such as living independently, funding support and community outreach, possible.

The majority of our properties are situated in the centre of Bath and many of these are Grade I, II and II* listed.  To preserve these important buildings for future generations, we undertake a large number of refurbishment projects every year; often returning the properties to their original historic layouts.

How St Johns reinvests it proferts back into the community.

A diverse and extensive range of property assets generates the income vital to our charitable work

A mixture of residential properties and commercial outlets are leased to local, national and international tenants

The majority of our assets are Grade I, II and II* listed, meaning our management of them plays a vital part in maintaining both our city and our country’s heritage.

The income generated enables us to deliver our charitable objectives, including almshouse provision, funding support and public engagement activities.

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Our Property FAQs

How do you raise your funds?

Mainly through our property rentals

Unlike most charities, we do not fundraise in the traditional sense; our funds are generated from the rental returns on our property portfolio. We work with property and legal experts, along with the Charity Commission, to ensure the best returns and then re-invest these funds into other areas of our charitable work.


What types of properties do you have?

A mixture of residential and commercial

Our residential properties range from one-bedroom apartments to entire Georgian townhouses. We have approximately 60 properties, most in Bath City Centre. Our commercial properties are let to a range of tenants, including independent and international retailers, cafes, restaurants and offices; many based within the busiest commercial areas of Bath.

Who rents your properties?

We rent to the public and commercial tenants

Our residential and commercial properties are advertised on the open market, in line with market rates.  Many tenants specifically choose to rent from us, knowing that their rental fees are then reinvested to help support our  activities and projects in the wider community.

Can anyone rent one of your properties?

Yes, they are rented on the open market

Our numerous residential properties are available to rent by the public. If you are applying to live in one of our almshouses, there are specific entry criteria. Rental returns on  our residential and commercial properties go towards subsidising our almshouses.

How do I rent a property from St John’s?

Please enquire through the St John’s Estates Team, or contact us via the link below.