Mercy in Action – awarded funding support over a three year period

The Petra Project focuses on providing housing for young homeless mothers or soon-to-be mums.

The Petra Project is Mercy in Action’s first UK project, providing housing and support in a homely environment and teaching mothers the skills they need to take on their own tenancy with confidence.

St John’s awarded a community grant to Mercy in Action in support of their Petra Project, over a three year period.

The funding from St John’s enabled Mercy in Action to adapt a five-bedroom property to comfortably accommodate five young mothers and mothers to-be, with their babies; it also meant they could employ two support workers to assist the mothers by helping them to develop life skills such as budgeting, cooking, understanding bills and even parenting skills.

Laura Jones, Project Leader for the Petra Project told us, “Without the funding from St John’s, the Petra Project would not have been able to provide vital support to some of Bath’s most vulnerable mums and children. This funding has enabled us to make the house feel like a home giving them not only a secure place to live but also a place that is safe and welcoming with support to make a lasting different to their lives.”

Alison Todd, Founder and Director of Mercy in Action summed it up

“Our clients all face different reasons for facing homelessness. Being pregnant can be such a precious time for a woman, but it is also very daunting and the homes we provide can make all the different to give mums hope to a new future. This funding has also enabled us to fulfil a long awaited dream, to give back to the city of Bath that has so kindly supported our work in the Philippines for the last 20 years.”