We Hear You – awarded funding support over a three year period

We Hear You (WHY) works across Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire providing emotional support to patients, families, friends and carers who have been touched by cancer or any other life threatening conditions. A cancer, or similar, diagnosis can leave a person feeling numb, isolated and terrified and can seem too big an issue to tackle alone. WHY provides a safe space where people can say the unsayable and ask the unanswerable.

“During my counselling I found that it was OK to feel a range of emotions, like numbness, anger, disbelief and the unfairness of it all.  I would like to thank Ros, my counsellor, for helping me to come to terms with losing the love of my life.  I still have a way to go, but I am getting there.” B&NES resident

St John’s funding is paying for a counselling service based in Bath, which can be accessed free by anyone from Bath and the surrounding area, who is facing a life-threatening illness and needs support. WHY expect to help more than 60 people each year through providing their Bath-based sessions, with each person offered up to 16 weeks of weekly one-to-one sessions.

Ruth Knagg, Bid Writer for WHY, explains, “Our work often helps a whole family by being able to change the outlook of just one key member. Without the support of We Hear You, families would be left to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of a difficult time of treatment, and possibly premature death of a loved one.

Many funding organisations can be reluctant to support long-standing projects but St John’s made the award in recognition of the invaluable service WHY provides to the people of Bath and the surrounding area:

“Being a single mother of three children, my life was turned upside down when I had the results of a mammogram the week after my 50th birthday – that I had breast cancer – so many fears & anxieties crept in. Thankfully when I had been through all my operations, chemotherapy & radiotherapy I was offered counselling from WHY.  It helped me no end.  Thank you”