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Building resilience in people and places

Building resilience in people, enterprises and communities in Bath and the surrounding area

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Our dynamic Funding Support Programme provides financial assistance and practical support to individuals and registered charities across Bath and the surrounding area.

We welcome applications from individuals and families who have reached a crisis point in their lives. Applications on behalf of individuals and families will come to us via a Professional Referrer.

Support is provided to registered charities through a range of programmes. We encourage applications from organisations with a focus on helping people to achieve their aspirations and potential and who are helping build resilience within communities.

Support for individuals

We provide financial assistance and support to individuals and families who have reached a crisis point in their lives. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly.

Pilot or one-year funding

We know the difference that one year's funding can make to a charity. Therefore we offer up to £40,000 for a project for a one-year term.

Multi-year project funding

We support charities to deliver their programmes over a three-year term, with funding of up to £40,000 per year, for a maximum of three years.
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Core funding

Funding support of up to £20,000 per year for a maximum of three years to invest in strengthening a charity's internal infrastructure and extending their capacity.

Development funding

Funding aimed at charities who have already outlined a sustainable business model and who are keen to progress into the social investment arena.

Social impact investment

We encourage charities and social enterprises to submit proposals to be considered for a loan to enable them to build resilience and strengthen their infrastructure.

Funding Support FAQs

How do I apply for individual funding?

Through a Professional Referrer

Professional Referrers should log on to the St John’s Online Funding Portal, which will allow them to set up an account and make an application.

What do you mean by a Professional Referrer?

Professional support worker or registered charity

We rely on our Professional Referrers to provide us with accurate, relevant information in order for us to make a decision to award funding.

What's the response time for an individual funding application?

On average, five working days

We are able to respond quickly once an application has been submitted, sometimes within hours. However, we aim to make a decision within five working days.

What types of project will you fund?

We fund a range of projects

The main focus of our funding is directed at the following social issues:

Health, wellbeing & isolation 
Unemployment and low skills

When can my organisation apply for funding?

This year's application deadlines are:

  • Friday 28th April
  • Friday 28th July
  • Tuesday 31st October

We aim to distribute funding to successful applicants within one month of the passing of each deadline.

To apply for funding, log on to the St John’s Online Funding Portal.

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Case Study The Jessie May Trust

St John’s awarded a community grant to The Jessie May Trust, to support their core funding over a three year period.

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Three residents gardening

Case Study Bath City Farm

St John’s awarded a community grant to Bath City Farm, to support their core funding over a three year period. St John’s funding is helping to strengthen the organisation and make it more sustainable for the future.

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