Promoting wellbeing and reducing social isolation

A vibrant community space for the over 55s in Bath and the surrounding area

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The flagship space of our activity service is The Bubble – a bright, welcoming space in the heart of Bath; it is open to all residents of Bath and the surrounding area, over the age of 55, who are keen to learn new skills and mix with their peers in a creative, uplifting environment.

The Bubble is host to a range of activities, workshops and classes, designed to exercise body and mind. Our timetable is designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of the community, with many able to take up interests and hobbies that they may not have had the opportunity to pursue in their earlier lives.

Following the success of our flagship hub, The Bubble, we are now expanding our positive activity programme to reach more older people across Bath and the surrounding area. Our varied programme offers activities that are fun and sociable.

View our What’s On Guide for our timetable of activities here.

Art for Heart’s Sake

An attendee had never previously had the confidence to take an art class. She joined the class and, in addition to building friendships, has developed the confidence she always wanted and has now embarked on an Art Foundation course at Bath College

Silver Swans ballet

One of our almshouse residents who, as a child, had always wanted to learn ballet but had never been given the opportunity. After moving into her home at St John’s, she discovered Silver Swans Ballet and has now progressed to the intermediate class

“ I intend to progress as far as possible but, alas, I am too old for point work! I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to learn this art and I am proof that it’s never too late to learn ballet or follow your dreams”

Craft and coffee mornings

An attendee informed a staff member that prior to attending activities at The Bubble that she didn’t really do anything and spent most of the time alone in her flat. She now attends regular activities and enjoys dropping into our craft sales and coffee mornings.

Activities FAQs

Why were St John's Activities set up?

To promote wellbeing within our community

Informal research showed that there was a real social need to give people, over the age of 55, an outlet for creativity, a dedicated space in which to do it and which didn’t incur costly membership fees. It was also an opportunity for us to embrace a wider public.

What activities are held at The Bubble?

A wide range that changes from month to month

Activities generally fall within the areas of Health & Wellbeing, Life Skills and Education.

Sample classes include: Aromatherapy, Art, Ballet, Cookery, IT, Knitting, Photography, Pilates, Reflexology, Tai Chi, Textiles and Yoga.


What does it cost to attend?

Some activities are free, some will incur a cost

Where courses are free, we welcome a small donation.

Any charge incurred will reflect the style of the course and materials used.

In all cases, full details will be available on the timetable.

Can other organisations use The Bubble?

Yes, it’s available for hire to other approved organisations

The Bubble’s city centre setting makes it very accessible and ideal for hosting a variety of activities.

We are keen to develop more working partnerships and are pleased to make The Bubble available for hire as part of this approach.


Who can attend?

People, over 55, who live in Bath and the surrounding area

Many classes require pre-registration, so attendees are advised to check the timetable for availability first. Most activities take place after 10am to keep travel costs low. Some health-related courses may require a referral if places are limited.