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Impact Report

St John’s is committed to sharing best practice and evidencing the impact we, as an organisation, are having.

Our delivery is measured against key social issues identified in our strategic plan and to ensure our impact is effectively captured, we constantly evaluate and monitor all our projects.

All our funding recipients are asked to complete a survey and organisations that receive funding, will be asked to provide us with case studies demonstrating the impact our support has had:

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The Beacon We have released the first edition of our newsletter

In this edition, we celebrate our impact and the incredible work of our partners as we build resilience together across Bath and the surrounding area.

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Sporting Family Change – awarded funding support over a three year period

Sporting Family Change (SFC) work with some of Bath’s most vulnerable young people and families, using sport as the initial engagement tool to help inspire and motivate local children and families into making positive lifelong changes.
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Mercy in Action – awarded funding support over a three year period

The Petra Project focuses on providing housing for young homeless mothers or soon-to-be mums.

The Petra Project is Mercy in Action’s first UK project, providing housing and support in a homely environment and teaching mothers the skills they need to take on their own tenancy with confidence.

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We Hear You – awarded funding support over a three year period

We Hear You (WHY) works across Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire providing emotional support to patients, families, friends and carers who have been touched by cancer or any other life threatening conditions. A cancer, or similar, diagnosis can leave a person feeling numb, isolated and terrified and can seem too big an issue to tackle alone. WHY provides a safe space where people can say the unsayable and ask the unanswerable.
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Julian House – awarded funding support

Julian House supports and empowers homeless and socially excluded people to build sustainable, independent lives. They help people regain control over their lives, to develop their skills and resilience and rebuild a future for themselves and their families after homelessness, prison, addiction, hospital, domestic abuse and long-term unemployment. They also provide accommodation and work experience opportunities which improve people’s life choices and chances
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Bath City Farm – awarded funding support over a three year period

Bath City Farm connects people to the land and gives low income families living in high density urban surroundings access to a beautiful green space; a space maintained and developed by the local community, for the local community. It is unique in the area in being able to provide countless opportunities for social interaction between diverse groups that might not cross paths in wider society
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