The Chapel of St Michael's Within

The Chapel of St Michael’s Within is located in Chapel Court, our almshouse complex in the centre of Bath.  The ‘Within’ part of our chapel’s name refers to the fact that it was within the city walls and therefore free from the plague!

Early medieval ‘hospitals’ often had chapels dedicated to a particular saint, whose name was then given to the institution as a whole. There have actually been two chapels at the site – the original Norman chapel was dedicated to St John the Baptist, hence our charity’s name.  It was then renamed and rededicated to St Michael when it was rebuilt in the Victoria era.

Two striking features of the chapel, from the 16th century, are the timber bell tower which was built circa 1580 and the clock on the Eastern gable, which was one of the earliest public clocks in Bath. As private clocks were rare, many Bathonians would have relied on the St John’s clock for going about their daily business.

The box pews of the original church would have probably allowed for a maximum of 60 worshippers, with almshouse residents expected to attend both morning and evening prayers each day.

Modern times

In 2011, St John’s completed a thorough refurbishment of the chapel interior. The most striking change, was the removal of the 19th century fixed pews, replacing them with cushioned chairs. This means they can be put in a variety of seating arrangements and allow less able visitors access with wheelchairs.

While residents are no longer required to attend daily services, we have a Chaplain and Verger on site, available to provide pastoral and spiritual care to both our residents and the public. A Christian chapel by origins, we welcome attendees of all faiths. Our chapel is open every day and people are welcome to come in for some quiet reflection, to say a prayer or simply to have a look around.

Magdalen Chapel

We are also very proud to have Magdalen Chapel under our jurisdiction.

Just on the outskirts of Bath, the chapel was situated close to a small leper hospital and used to come under the remit of Bath Abbey.

In 1894, it was acquired by Bath Municipal Charities, and hence St John’s Foundation and has remained so ever since.
Magdalen Chapel Website