Since 1174, St John’s has provided support to the people of Bath and the surrounding area

Impact Report

Today, we work to build resilient communities by supporting people to overcome challenges, improve their lives and live as independently as possible.

We do this in a number of ways. We provide quality almshouse accommodation; we award funding support to individuals and charitable organisations; we engage directly with the local community through our Community Outreach Hubs.

St John's history timeline


St John’s Hospital founded

St John’s Hospital is founded by Bishop Reginald Fitzjocelyn after his appointment as the fourth Bishop of Bath.


St Johns survived dissolution of monasteries

St John’s survived the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry VIII and later received the support of Queen Elizabeth I to undergo improvements and development.


Reform and change

Electoral reform swept through the country and brought significant changes for Bath’s charities, including St John’s.


St Johns Provided critical post war support

St John’s provided critical post-war support in the wake of the devastation of two World Wars


Continuing to support and help our residents

We continue to spearhead an extensive modernisation programme to help improve accommodation and support residents to live as independently as possible, through providing state-of-the-art facilities.

Our purpose

To build resilience in people, enterprises and communities in Bath and the surrounding area.

Our values

Lead. Together. Equip. Encourage.

Our team

Our dedicated staff work hard to help us achieve our purpose.
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The difference we make

Our 2017 Impact Report highlights the breadth of our work in building resilience in people and communities over the last 12 months.
Impact Report

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